Ismology – Informative Concepts for TV and Radio looking for a Production Company

Ismology is Creative Development Hub for TV and radio show concepts that weaves psychology and other social sciences into a coherent thread.

At Ismology we make the ordinary interesting. ~Mike Gilbert & Mark Baker - Co-Founders

Ismology Co-founders, Mike Gilbert and Mark Baker both have a broad view on society from their experiences in the justice and education systems. Their creative skills along with their respective qualifications in Philosophy and Psychology enable them to create informative TV concepts, which require a Production company that has the skills to fully develop these ideas and concepts into pilots or full production.

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    Ismology Concept Company was created through an organic process which first saw light in 2012 when Mike Gilbert first discussed an initial TV concept idea with Mark Baker who brought the project to life visually. Mike then developed this visual concept into Evolution and a productive partnership was born. Learn More