Class Distinction – Finem Respice (look to the outcome)

Class Distinction follows two groups of participants with the same academic qualification but from different socio-economic backgrounds of being either privately or state educated. The groups never meet or interact but are set the same task and have the same timescale.

The interest comes in the way the participants are able to use their confidence, resilience, and contacts to successfully complete the required tasks. Class Distinction aims to discover how much our social status effects us in reaching our goals.

This show has the potential to demonstrate that although we all have the same opportunity there are many other factors including confidence and connections that determine our success.

This video shares an interesting experiment that highlights what Class Distinction hopes to demonstrate:

The demographic who we believe will be interested in this format includes young people and the more mature “Apprentice” type viewers. We are also of the opinion that schools and educationalist will have an interest as the format could explore differences in students based on non-academic factors.

The Jeopardy in Class Distinction:

  • Which social-economic group will best at performing a specific task?
  • Will there be any clear divides between the groups?

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Class Distinction

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