Dinner Guess – Menacem memorem esse oportet (Liars should posses’ strong memory)

Dinner Guess is a TV concept where all bar one of the guests have the same career. This person is the imposter and needs to get through the meal without being discovered.

Each episode will break down into 2 parts:

  • One part introduces and follows the imposter as they prepare to deceive the other guests to win the full prize money.
  • The other part of the show introduces each of the 6 guests, including the imposter, and the meal itself.

The great thing about this program is that each part could be shown in any order:

  • If you want to guess along with the dinner guests, the meal part of the program is shown first.
  • If you want to know and see if the person can deceive the other guests the program will introduce the imposter first.

Each version of the show could be shown simultaneously on two channels (or one channel and online) so the viewer can choose how they would like to view Dinner Guess.

Whichever way Dinner Guess is watched, viewers will come away with a broader understanding of each profession and how easy (or difficult) it can be to trick others.

This program has the potential to be broadened into many other ‘Guess’ formats, like hobbies, sports, pet owners and many more. The main point is that one person will be pretending to be something the other dinner guests already are.

The Jeopardy of Dinner Guess:

  • Will the imposter be identified at the end of the meal or will they leave with the full prize money?
  • What method will the imposter use to try to evade identification?
  • What techniques will the other participants use to try to discover the imposter?

Download PDF – Dinner Guess Treatment

This program empowers the viewer by allowing them to select the way they would wish to view the program. ~Mike Gilbert

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