DoTube – Ne Cede Arduis (Don’t give in to difficulty)

DoTube follows 3 enthusiastic individuals who have absolutely no experience in a specific task. These contestants work to achieve a complex skill that is outside their capability. The only instructions and guidance they can receive are from online forums and videos.

Example tasks could be:

  • Plastering a house
  • Building a shed
  • Making a wedding dress
  • Rewiring a house
  • Rebuilding an engine
  • Dog grooming
  • Stage make up
  • Hairdressing
  • Taxidermy

The show will begin with the participants being given their task. An expert will share likely pitfalls with the presenter. The viewer then observes the participant researching and undertaking the task. At this point, the expert along with the presenter or voiceover will provide a humorous commentary on the progress of the participant. Upon ‘completion’ the expert tests and gives feedback along with their conclusions.

Dotube is like the Generation Game, but for the digital age.

The Jeopardy of DoTube:

  • How will each participant complete the task?
  • What mistakes, if any, will they make?
  • Can we learn new tasks and skills from the internet?
  • To what extend do the participants fail or succeed?

Download PDF – DoTube Treatment

By watching this program we will learn to appreciate the professionals and experts of each trade. This will be achieved by seeing the intricacies and levels of skill required to complete specific tasks as well as celebrating the enthusiasm and effort of the individual gung-ho participants attempting them. ~Mark Baker

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