Evolution – Ex nihilo nihil fit (Nothing comes from nothing)

Forty people, in two groups of ten couples live as two tribes. The social and economic activity within the two groups take place over a twenty four month period, though we understand this may need to be shortened. The programme witnesses how the two groups evolve through a number of pre determined “eras” with corresponding changes to the groups’ dynamics, composition and environment.

EVOLUTION will shine a light on the past, illustrate something of the present and possibly provide a window on the future. ~Mike Gilbert

The aim of the programme is to follow the participants on a journey of hard work, discovery and enterprise. Like other reality shows (Wife swap, Big Brother) the entertainment comes from the group dynamics. The cameras capture the activities of the two groups, the couples who belong to each group, and the individuals within each couple. Where EVOLUTION differs, is that instead of the participants being members of the public they are unknown actors. These actors not only endure the realities of ‘evolution’ but also have opportunities to perform in role.

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