Faith to Face – Justitiae Sorror I Fides (Trust is the sister of justice)

This simple TV concept explores a particular religion, faith or belief from the perspective of two individuals, who are on the stage asking challenging and provocative questions. This is to an audience who represent the broad spectrum of the same belief.

An example of the type of questions that could be asked from a member of the public on the stage are:

  • How would your religion welcome me as a transsexual man/woman?
  • As an atheist what do you believe will happen to me when I die?
  • I am a pacifist, how is your faith a religion of peace?
  • How does kindnessĀ fit into your belief?

This format is designed for a demographic that is curious about beliefs and perhaps feels that there is some confusion about what the faith and beliefs do and do not say. We anticipate it will become a programme that explores issues like rights, responsibilities, prejudice and equality.

The Jeopardy of Faith to Faith:

  • Are all the faiths and beliefs predominantly heading in the same direction?
  • What are the major divides that appear in your belief system?
  • The uncertainty and unpredictability of the responses given.

Download PDF – Face to Face Treatment

With the majority of the people being from one religious group we should be able to gain a greater understanding of the breadth of issues that affects that faith. ~Mike Gilbert
Faith 2 Face

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