Honest Eulogy – Veritas vos liberabit (The truth shall make you free)

Honest Eulogy gives a second chance to comment and learn about the life of a loved one or national treasure, at a time when our emotions are not so raw. This gives us the opportunity to be more honest and say things that may not have been appropriate at the funeral.

The format is adaptable enough to provide entertainment on a radio or TV platform and could involve celebrities as well as the general public.

The Jeopardy of Honest Eulogy:

  • What will be highlighted that maybe shocking?
  • Will we learn anything new about the deseased?
  • Will my perseception of the deseased be changed?
  • Is my view of the person presenting the eulogy going to change?

Download PDF – Honest Eulogy Treatment

Recently having written a Eulogy I became aware, due to the rawness and recentness of the death, of the pressure to not be too honest. Time, along with the calming of emotions, gave me a new perspective and inspired the concept of Honest Eulogy. ~Mike Gilbert
Honest Eulogy

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