House 2 House – Suus Cuique Mos (each to their own tastes)

Two houses are established in a small town. The offer of accommodation is the lure that draws a number of working people to share the house, however, the two houses are occupied by groups who share an important characteristic in common. For example each house could be Gay or Straight, divorced men or divorced women. The idea is to explore how one or two factors (being a man and divorced or a woman and divorced) influences outlooks and opinions… or does it?

Although differences between the 2 Houses will be obvious this program will focus on highlighting the many more similarities between the two groups, ensuring a balanced, respectful and positive perspective. With this juxtaposition we hope to teach and empower all of us to be attentive to how, as humans, we are more alike than different. ~Mike Gilbert

We believe this format, in keeping with other reality formats, has a wide appeal. However whilst other formats promote scripted or sub scripted activities. House 2 House is just about ordinary people living in two houses who deal with life’s generic issues in a way which may or may not be related to their specific characteristic. The purpose of the format is to explore and explode myths and to show that it is society that obsesses about differences when individuals are often struggling to be the same.

House 2 House

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