The Mettas – Amor Vincit Omnia (love conquers all things)

The Mettas are a set of characters that teach kindness and compassion. They were created from photos of ‘faces’ in every day objects. The aim of the characters is to help pre-school children become happier, more compassionate and kinder through the stories and animations.

The premise of each story is based around characters who may try to bring others down emotionally but always learns a valuable mindfulness lesson from the other characters. This may be how to breathe from Ina, how to listen from Scoot, speaking with kindness from Spin, memory from Tig or how to be kind to everyone.

We have the characters, their personalities and what they can teach children about mindfulness, love and kindness as well as the brand identity called ‘The Mettas’. ~Mark Baker

With faces in everyday objects being found almost anywhere additional characters can easily be created making this a very adaptable and flexible concept, like the Mr Men and Little Miss series.

The Mettas Presentation:

Please Download the presentation or visit The Mettas Website to learn more.

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